Walking Dead’s “Home” Proves that Humans Threats are Worse Than Walkers

When Things Fall Apart

Back in Woodbury, the Governor tells Andrea that she did a good job handling the panicked residents of their town. She requests to visit the prison group to talk to them but he dismisses it, saying that he is no longer in any condition to lead and that he is turning over this responsibility to her.

Out in the forest, Daryl and Glenn hunt for food. The younger Dixon brings up coming back to the prison but Merle refutes by mentioning his unpleasant history with the survivors there. He also predicts an attack coming from the Governor, possibly slaughtering Rick and company.

With the Governor’s attack on the horizon, Glenn and Carl discuss possible vulnerabilities in the perimeter of the prison. Out of desperation, Glenn brings up a plan to infiltrate Woodbury, assassinating the Governor when he least expects it. The others disagree, with Hershell pointing out that a surprise attack nearly got them killed the last time. The doctor suggests leaving the prison altogether, going back to living on the road but Glenn refuses, bringing up the fact that in his state, Hershell will not be able to flee from Walkers as he used to and that a newborn child that will cry every two hours, drawing in more danger. While they would rather that Rick give them his insight, they agree that he is not ready to lead and that they should just try to fortify their defenses in the meantime. Glenn realizes nobody is on watch and he storms off.

Meanwhile, In Woodbury

The Governor pays Milton’s lab a visit. He voices out his doubts regarding Andrea’s allegiances. Milton assures him of his loyalty and the Governor orders him to keep Andrea’s activities in check. The Governor then leaves to pay Rick’s group a visit. Oblivious to his intentions, Andrea asks Karen about Martinez. When she gives a vague answer, Andrea asks Milton about the Governor’s whereabouts concluding that he took the soldier with him. He dodges giving her specifics, saying that the Governor probably just went out for a supply run.

More Bad News

The weaknesses of the prison become more apparent. Glenn and Carl come back from scouting, informing everyone that the tombs outside the boiler room are once again full of Walkers. Hershell brings up retreating once again but Glenn ignores the suggestion, saying that he and Maggie will head out to look for the breach. Hershell tells him that his daughter may not be up for that task yet.

Glenn asks his girlfriend about what the Governor did to her. After verifying that she wasn’t raped and telling him that she did it to spare him from further pain, Maggie pushes Glenn away, bitter about what they had to go through. Despite the fact that they survived the ordeal, it seems the run-in with the Governor damaged their relationship badly.

While they fortify the prison walls, Axel reveals more about himself and why he was sent to prison in the first place. He admits to lying about dealing with pharmaceuticals and was actually imprisoned for armed robbery of a gas station –only, he was using a toy gun at the time. The police searched his brother’s house and came across a gun belonging to his brother, concluding that it was the weapon he used instead. He mentions that he knows nothing about handling a real weapon and so Carol shows him how to use one.

The Biker Brothers

Daryl hears a baby crying and Merle dismisses it as the sounds of a wild animal. Daryl insists his brother is wrong and heads towards the direction of the noise. The Dixon brothers come across a Mexican family being attacked a herd of Walkers on top of a bridge. Daryl rushes to aid the frightened survivors, reusing arrows whenever he can. After letting his brother do most of the work, Merle shoots of the Walkers, albeit less intent on saving the helpless family.

After getting rid of the herd, Merle proceeds to rummage through the family’s supplies, pointing his gun at the father. Daryl aims his crossbow at Merle and tells his brother to step away from the car. The older Dixon does so, and the two let the Mexican family drive away without obtaining a reward.

After that, the brothers get into a fight, ending up with Merle tearing the back of Daryl’s shirt. He sees the scars from their father’s beatings and expresses that he was unaware that his brother suffered the same fate he had. Merle says that it was because he left at the time he did, leaving the younger Dixon to deal with their violent father. Daryl decides to head back to join the prison group, but not before telling Merle that though he is the one walking away, it was still Merle’s choice to act selfishly and leave Daryl, again. Merle hesitates but goes after his brother anyway.

Domestic Troubles

After his bitter conversation with Maggie, Glenn heads out to scout the perimeter of the prison alone against Hershel’s wishes. He states that without Rick or Daryl present to lead the group, it was up to him to ensure their safety.

A concerned Hershell heads down towards the edge of the prison gates, calling out to Rick who is still seeing his dead wife. Rick admits to being aware that this is a hallucination, confirming that it was Lori’s voice he heard using the prison’s phone. He mentions he cannot stop following her because he believes that there is a reason why this is happening to him and resumes wandering the forest outside the prison.

The War Begins

While Carol and Axel chat in the courtyard, a bullet to the head kills Axel. The Governor’s attack has begun, with one of their men already inside -hiding high up on a guard tower. Rick and his group fight for their lives, as a steady stream of bullets fly wildly inside the compound. The Governor sends a truck careening towards the prison gates, leaving the prison wide open. The back of the vehicle is opened and walkers pour out. While the survivors struggle to fight off the attack, the Governor smiles to himself, indicating that this is only the beginning. He leaves, but not without firing several more shots to call for more of the undead. Glenn arrives, back from scouting and with the help of Michonne’s blade, they get Hershell back to safety.

Being outside the prison walls, Rick runs out of bullets. He gets overwhelmed by walkers when suddenly an arrow saves him from his fate. Daryl and Merle join the fight and assist in helping him get rid of the walkers that had invaded the prison. With the prison’s defenses compromised and the Governor out for blood, it looks like the prison group is in for quite a fight, defending from all fronts.

One Good Hit Deserves Another

At the edge of your seat yet? “Home” truly packed a punch when it comes to an explosive ending. With their home’s safety in question, Rick has to step up to the plate or at the very least stop carrying the weight of every person he has failed to save. Who will he share the leadership role with? Daryl? Will members of Tyreese’s group make an appearance? Now that the Governor declared war with his family, Rick has no choice but to sober up or lose more of his loved ones in the process.

Aside from the surprising twist in the end, what we really liked about this episode was the peek at Darryl and Merle’s life before the zombie apocalypse started. It’s rare to see the Dixons talk about their personal lives, rarer still to see Merle show compassion for his brother. Now that they have The Walking Dead Survival Instincts, an upcoming game specifically about the brothers’ lives pre-Atlanta, the cross media revelations come just in time.

And the Heat Goes Up

In the preview for Episode 11, it looks like Andrea is starting to suspect something. She insists on visiting the prison group, but the Governor declares an ultimatum: if she’s going to the prison, she better stay there. Snippets tease us of Andrea outside Woodbury’s walls, with a Walker harness. Is this a ploy to get the Governor to think she is on his side? Or is she actually working with the Governor, infiltrating the base of her old friends?

We also see Carl talking earnestly with his father, stating that Rick should stop being the leader. It’s refreshing to see Carl taking after his dad, even understanding the weight of responsibility weighing down on Rick.

The group brings up yet more problems, as food and ammo runs low in supply. This is also, possibly a protest against Merle’s presence, though it is unlikely that he leaves at this point, seeing as the group has other more pressing things to worry about. On that note, Carol also brings up her concern to Daryl, saying that his brother is not good for him.

Also, Rick seems to be abandoning the group. After the attack, is he still distracted by those he lost? Or is he going to be able to find himself just in time to save those who are still living?

Entitled “I Ain’t a Judas”, the new Walking Dead Episode 11 promises more twists just like the the official zombie game delivers as fans guess whose betrayal causes casualties in this brutal war.