Wake Up the Box 5 Review

This title is the latest in a successful series of games that involve the manipulation of a series of objects in order to disturb a sleeping box into waking up. It sounds a little harsh, but the box has been able to nap intermittently for the whole of the series, and each game just keeps getting better and better with more objects and harder puzzles every time, not to mention improvements in the design and graphics.

The game play involves using objects to topple of the snoozing box until he wakes up and thus completing the level .In previous titles, you have been restricted to predetermined shapes that are given to you, but recent innovations in the series mean that you can now draw your own shapes with which to disturb the box.

You are able to draw your own circles, quadrilaterals, and even free-hand any objects that you can, as long as the end result is the creation of a series of events that leads to the box waking up. Your items are able to interact with items that already exist on the screen, requiring you to use a little logical thought in order to determine the most useful shapes for each given situation. You are also restricted to placing your objects within a limited area on the screen that is designated by a straight-line underlay to make it clear.

Besides from the slightly improved visuals and the unique puzzles that are involved in waking the box up, there really isn’t that much of a dramatic change from the previous title. The concept has remained the same throughout the series, as has the general format, with only small elements being changed in order to improve upon the previous games.

Dramatic changes to an already solid concept aren’t necessary, however, since the game has always relied on its solid gameplay and the challenge of solving the puzzles to appeal to its players, as well as the fact that the expressions and sounds made by the box can occasionally be quite amusing. Wake the Box 5 is an essential game to play if you wish to experience some of the best that the physics-based genre has to offer.