Surgery Games

Surgeon Simulator 2013

Quite often, developers that attempt to be too ambitious in trying to make their games offer what no other game of the genre has to offer can fall flat. Their attempt to innovate spiral out of control and the end result is a game that is almost a chore to play. Surgeon Simulator 2013 seems to suffer from this developer’s ambition, but the end result is something a little bit different than ‘unplayable’. Somehow, in spite of its ridiculous control system, Surgeon Simulator 2013 ends up actually being quite intriguing and fun to play in a ridiculous and clumsy way that doesn’t really feel like careful, life-saving surgery at all. On the face of it, it looks just like any other surgery simulator with some tuned-up graphics that sit high on the flash-game spectrum but at the very bottom in the pool of big-boy games that use real rendering and actual 3D graphics. Surgeon Simulator is an anomaly therefore because even though the elements that it is composed of are flawed, the end result is something that could be classed as fun. Sort of. Continue Reading →