Mobile Gaming Devices – Which One in 2014?

If mobile gaming is your thing and you have become more fixated on your phone than your Xbox or Playstation then consider the following the devices for some serious fire power when playing those big 3D games. They don’t quite match up to the Xbox One or PS4 but they hold their own for such small gaming gadgets! Continue Reading →

Walking Dead’s “Home” Proves that Humans Threats are Worse Than Walkers

“Home” is the perfect title for Season 3’s tenth episode. With the incoming retaliation courtesy of the governor, the prison group decides to make a stand to fight for their home. While out in the road, Daryl and Merle also settle some of their differences, with the younger Dixon figuring out where he truly belongs.

The episode starts with Rick seeing Lori’s ghost standing over the graves of their lost loved ones. In a blink of an eye, she is gone, reappearing right outside the prison fence. Rick wanders to where his dead wife is and she touches his cheek lovingly. Michonne sees him respond to someone invisible but she keeps silent, only closing the gates after Rick. Continue Reading →

Wake Up The Box 5

If you happen to be a fan of physics-based games that offer something a little bit different, then Wake Up the Box 5 is certain to appeal to your desire for a moderate challenge to your skills of observation and problem solving. Continue Reading →

Pokemon Black Version 2 – Black is Back!

Pokémon is up there with one of the most successful media franchises of the modern gaming age. Its movies, countless TV shows, merchandise, and trading card games can be recognised around the world, and its games have sold hundreds of millions of copies worldwide. The video games are currently in their fifth generation, with Pokémon Black and White Version 2 being the most recent releases for the main series until Pokémon X and Y comes along. Continue Reading →